About StormBreaker

MyCyber.in is an idea to create a place where anyone, be it, a non technical person, a tech enthusiast/ IT employee or a layman have information and knowledge about everything security. Thus was born MyCyber, a hub where this idea can become alive.

MyCyber is an initiative to bring security and technology updates, tips, guides and techniques in such a way that could help everyone who reads understand the depth and the gravity of the things going around in the technology world. As constricted education of computer security has been the reason for all the security problems in today’s connected world, we are here to fill that gap in. That’s our mission.

Whatever is shared through MyCyber be it any update, any exclusive content or a blog, it is crafted and curated keeping “you” in mind. Short,efficient and easy to understand, is what the goal of StormBreaker is.

About The Author

Siddhant Pathak

Creating a digital world where everyone is secure, is my mission.

Hi, I’m Siddhant. A Security Architect, i love to code, find new things and exploring cyber world is my enthusiasm. when not working, i listen to music, read books, pursue my hobbies or upgrade my existing skill set.


Siddhant Pathak

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