The security research team of cyble inc came across a post of an threat actor who claimed to have possession of 45 million records of travelers to Malaysia and Thailand from multiple countries.
That means record of travelers from countries around the globe have been made available on the other side of the internet known as Dark Web. The security research team stumbled upon this information while performing their regular deep and dark web sweeps.

Below is the screenshot taken by the security research team of cyble inc:

Image screenshot taken by Cyble inc security researchers.

The following data was found to be leaked from the travellers record:

  • Passenger ID
  • Full Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Details
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Flight Details

If you happen to be one of the victim of this data leak or want to protect yourself from such in near future or beyond, we at stormbreaker recommend you the following things to do:

  • Use a good antivirus/internet security software on your devices which you use frequently.
  • Try to browse only those websites which are trusted sites and non-suspicious ones. For ex, avoid websites which offers paid products or services for free.
  • Whenever create an account, always use strong and difficult passwords which can be difficult to crack. Also enable 2-factor or multi-factor authentication mechanisms on all your accounts(available on most platforms.)
  • Always keep all your devices up to date.
  • Keep an eye on the transactions you do. If there is any suspicious entry in your statements inform your bank about it for immediate preventive measures.
  • Follow our website for such tips and tricks to stay ahead of everyone.

Read more about the report: here.

By Siddhant Pathak

Cyber security architect, 7+ years experience in cyber security industry, Tech savy, Nature lover, Bullet 350 rider

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