Indian government agencies, media houses and large companies in India has been warned as they can be the target of a cyber attack by china sponsored hacking group, according to report by Cyfirma.

Cyfirma, has warned that this attack from hackers in china can be in retaliation for violent clashes between armed forces in India and China. The firm Cyfirma has observed conversations on chinese hacker forums which were in languages like mandarin and Cantonese (Mainland china languages) regarding “Teaching a lesson in India,” about a week ago.

Cyfirma reports the conversations named several media houses, major indian companies and government agencies.

The firm has traced the list back to their sources and found links to 2 hacking groups, Gothic Panda and Stone Panda. These are china sponsored hackers group and have direct affiliation to PLA.

Gothic Panda is also known as APT3.

Stone Panda is also known as APT10.

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By Siddhant Pathak

Cyber security architect, 7+ years experience in cyber security industry, Tech savy, Nature lover, Bullet 350 rider

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